About Us

Beach Bum Brand LLC was created as an initiative to preserve and enhance the quality of our worlds oceans and protect marine life throughout the world. A portion of profits benefit ocean conservation programs along with other various charities, Beach Bum believes we can make a difference not only in this life, but for generations to come.

The answer is clear ~ and our oceans should be too ™


"Half way through my run along the boardwalk one September afternoon I turned onto the beach for my return run back to the car. I was surprised and outraged when I found the amount of garbage washed up on the beach. Plastic bags, alcohol containers, nests of fishing line, and even feminine hygiene applicators. I found a plastic contractors bucket, also washed up onto the beach, and started pulling some of the garbage out of the rising tide. I quickly knew something had to be done about this situation. I decided then to raise awareness of the importance of beach cleanup, and to come up with a way to aid in funding for ocean and marine conservation programs. Beach Bum Brand LLC was born.

As a whole, we must realize we are accountable for human-caused damage to marine ecosystems...BUT we also have the power to change it.  Lets start today! Help me protect our oceans habitats, rebound endangered marine species, and reverse our negative effects not only in our oceans, but throughout the world."

~ Beach Bum Brand LLC